"Such an amazing team to work with! Quality of craftsmanship is absolutely stunning. Would reccomend over and over again. Great job!"

Naomi Laliberte-Robinson

"Built my house with them 6 years ago. The experience was amazing the quality and service was excellent, and even now 6 years later, whenever I need something they are right there to help. I hate moving, but would build again with them in a heartbeat!"

Marie-Claude Beaudette

“Called many times, never received a call back. Our real estate agent was able to resolve this problem, all is well now. Very nice people to deal with. ***UPDATE (April 21 2021)*** Working with the contractor now for a new home. Very early in the process. So far, so good. Our rep J-L, answers our calls right away, and if not, responds fairly quick. Very punctual on email responses. Will provide further updates as work progresses.”

Anthony Stephen M

“Over the top quality and excellent service. Would recommend in a heartbeat!”

Hussam El-Saadi