Quality and style at the heart of materials we choose

With the Holidays right around the corner, we focus this article on the kitchen; a focal point of all residences. Beyond being a space where we prepare daily meals, the kitchen has made a comeback as a gathering place. It is a space where we share precious moments as a family, fun evenings with friends and where we mark special occasions. Given all the great moments one can enjoy in this space, it is all the more important for quality, style and ease of day-to-day maintenance to guide the choice of materials used.

The current trend with regards to kitchen counters is to use stone. This trend is partly explained by consumers who want solid, durable and easy to maintain surfaces. Many people juggle between quartz and granit. Here at Habitations Robert, we are firmly committed to quartz. Our new residential project, Place du parc, proposes eight quartz samples to match our stylish kitchens.

Made from stone and resin particles to which colour has been added, quartz is the hot pick for most designers’ nowadays.

From a style perspective:

> Compared to granit, the fine grains that make up quartz give it a more uniform look and allow for more defined colours.

>Quartz is more suitable for contemporary designs.

From a practical standpoint:

> Quartz is very resistant to scratches and, unlike granit, it is much more resistant to grease and oil stains, which explains why it does not require a sealant.

> It is however recommended to avoid direct contact with heat so as not to damage the counter’s surface.


We encourage you to look at the following resources to come to your own conclusions about granit and quartz, but for us, the choice is clear. CasaTV

In an upcoming blog we plan on discussing kitchen cabinets. As you will see, we have partnered with a leader in this field, Inspira.

Visit our Website to familiarize yourself with the models offered in Place du Parc and call us at 450 510-3076 or email us at info@habitationsrobert.ca if you would like to see the show room and peruse through the large selection of materials we propose. The Habitations Robert team will be happy to help you!

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