Polyester kitchen cabinets, an elegant and affordable choice

11 March 2021

Our last blog post discussed kitchen counters, so we thought it logical to shift our focus to cabinets this week! Nowadays, rare are buyers who cannot find kitchen cabinet materials that satisfy to their needs and tastes. The variety on the market is impressive. Given the selection, picking THE best choice for one’s project can be daunting.

Most people know how to differentiate between materials (some even understand the pros and cons of each), but it is on the price of materials that most people are way off. Many consumers want wood cabinets until they realize what they cost.

Habitations Robert has partnered with Inspira Cabinet Design on many of its residential projects. Also based in Saint-Lazare, Inspira Cabinet Design makes efficient, elegant and high-quality designs that respect each budget.

We already established that the kitchen is a focal point in any residence. The activities that unfold in this space require materials that are durable, resistant to heat, humidity and scratches, and as was the case with kitchen counters, easy to maintain.

For its #placeduparc project, Habitations Robert chose polyester kitchen cabinets that reach the ceiling (ideal to maximize space and ensure easy maintenance, but that could be a blog topic in itself). Polyester cabinet doors are an excellent alternative to wood. It is a material that impressively emulates wood but relatively inexpensive. Easy to maintain, it is very resistant and, unlike wood, less conducive to discoloration.

Polyester also suits various interior décor styles: contemporary, modern, transitional, etc. It is an affordable yet elegant material.

Call us at 450 510-3076 or email us at info@habitationsrobert.ca if you would like to see the show room and look at the large selection of kitchen cabinet materials we propose. The Habitations Robert team will be happy to help you!


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