Place du parc, an inspired living space

Located West of Montreal, the City of Saint-Lazare attracts more and more young families because it offers the tranquillity of country living with access to services found in urban centres.

As with many municipalities in Quebec, Saint-Lazare encourages responsible residential development. More and more, urban planning seeks to create sustainable living environments. In fact, Saint-Lazare Mayor Robert Grimaudo has confirmed that the City will prioritize vibrant living spaces in an setting that favors active commuting.

At Habitations Robert, we welcome this decision with enthusiasm since our new project Place du parc seeks precisely to cater to the preferences of new buyers who increasingly wish to settle down in a safe neighbourhood with well thought-out urban plans.

A planned environment

A sustainable living space combines mixed residences at the centre of an active built environment which is close to the most frequently sought services. The Place du parc project distinguishes itself, among other factors, for the superior quality of its homes, which range in styles and surface areas (for a reasonably competitive price), all in a neighbourhood that has been carefully thought-out. Imagine a neighbourhood interspersed with parks, wooded areas and green spaces that are connected by a network of sidewalks and bike paths.

Comfort and quality at the core

In a blog by Collectivités Viables , the organization reminds us that quality urban planning encourages active transportation by ensuring users feel safe, comfortable and happy. Beyond the quality of the constructions, new buyers look for neighbourhoods with style, where large sidewalks line residences, where urban fixtures provide spaces to rest and relax and where safe green spaces encourage free play.

Who will be fortunate enough?

We are confident that our new project will please the new generation of buyers. We propose an eco-neighbourhood that embodies the characteristics of a living environment with strong pedestrian potential. Come discover what Place du parc has to offer!